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Release time:2018/05/15 E-baton Product View count:1073

Detail Parameters

Production Introdction

The handshake has a claw shape(hand protector claw). The hand protector claw can block the knife and prevent users from getting hurt. The bottom of the baton has a red button is the power switch,long press 2-3 seconds power to turn on,Click it again the power to turn off. When the power is turned on,the rioter catch the body of the baton,his hand will get cramp,and cannot loosen the baton,so long as the power is not turned off, it will remain in a state of cramping. The adsorption effect of anti-riot baton is a physical spasm and no harm to the human body. At the bottom of the baton there are two pointed attacks tip. When the power is turned on,it can release electrical impulses. It can weaken the ability to act,causing the mob to lose its resistance.

Product Parameter

Body Material: High strength Aviation AL material

Plastic assembly: High strength carbon fiber

Pulse peak voltage: 270-350v

Continuous working time: 100 hours

Working temperature: -10~50 degree

Storage temperature: -20~50 degree

Capacity of battery: 4400mA/h



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