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E-Claw (SXD-LYDJ-02)

Release time:2018/05/15 E-claw Product View count:1778

Detail Parameters

In the bottom of the pole,there is a safety switch of claw, pressing the switch,the claw opens and pulls back the pole to stretch it to end to get full length.

Push the open claw to leg or other suitable positions of suspect, when the related slider is stressed, the claw device will be locked automatically, and control the suspect, push forward or pull back if you locked suspect’s hand or leg.

When the suspect is under control, press the trigger switch of claw again to open it, press the trigger switch of claw and push the pole to the top, then press the related slider to lock the claw-like part, and finish the arresting mission. There is a black button and safety switch of claw under the trigger switch of claw.

The button is the flashlight switch and the electric shock switch. And then,there are 3 situations.

1.Don’t open the safety switch and the light will be opened when we press the button.

2.Open the safety switch to the first step and the electricity will be released when we press the button.

3.Open the safety switch to the second step and both of the light and electrity will be opened when we press the button.

The tail is equipped with a safety hammer that can shatter various Windows and doors, and can install special police equipment, specially developed additional devices.

Product Parameter: 
Output: DC5V/2A
High voltage output: 30KV
Flashlight rated power: 3W
Capacity of battery: 4000mA/h     

Pole material: aviation AL

Length: 1.28m

Extension length: 2.03m     

Net weight: 2700g

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