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Anti-Attack Cloth(Green)

Release time:2018/06/11 Anti-Attack-Jacket View count:1895

Product Introduction
Anti attack clothes are non-lethal defense equipment.Open anti-attack function when facing danger or emergency. With the anti-attack function on,no one can touch it, if the rioter touch the clothes, he will be ‘bounced off’ by the pulse voltage. The rioter won’t get hurt. But it effectively protect the safety of the person in it. The effective range of remote controller is 300 meters,it can be applied to exchanging hostages, law enforcement arresting and other law enforcement actions.
Product Parameter
Working voltage: 3.7V
Charging time: 3 hours
Working time: 24 hours
Starting time: ≤2 seconds
Remote control distance: 300M
Battery power: 600mA
Electrical characteristics No damage to skin surface
Electrical shock mode Electronic pulse, bounce off immediately
Battery material Built in lithium battery, it can be used repeatedly after charging

Application fields: Doctors, Stars, Billionaires, Urban management, Chief, Senior leaders, City police, Prison guards ,etc.


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