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Game-changing glove/Martin County Sheriff’s Office receives “shocking” weapons

Release time:2019/03/21 News View count:1064

The Martin County Sheriff’s Department is getting a new tool to fight crime that should give them another layer of protection. Since January the department has been operating with just the sheriff, one paid deputy and a few volunteer deputies. The new tool is the GLOVE. It is literally a glove.

“It’s a burning sensation all up into your arm lasting probably a couple seconds,” said Martin County Constable Brad Preece on what the GLOVE felt like.

Kentucky-based Compliant Technologies(Our American exclusive agencyis donating 4 pairs of gloves to the Martin County Sheriff’s Department. Other area law enforcement also took part in training.

“The only thing that is transmitting from the glove to the body is a very rapid pulse rate of a voltage that is no more than 380 volts but usually operates at 330 volts,” said Jeff Niklaus, Founder of Compliant Technologies.

“The goal here is to allow the officers to de-conflict the situation in a very unassuming non threatening and safer way for not only the officers but for the individuals”, said Niklaus.

“The crime is getting worse. We can tell it’s getting worse because we don’t have the manpower out there we had,” said Martin County Sheriff John Kirk.

He says the addition of the GLOVE will give them an extra layer of protection as they fight crime being short staffed.

“When you are out there by yourself and you are trying to cuff somebody that is resisting, if you have the glove on you it is going to give you the advantage,” said Sheriff Kirk.

“It makes me feel safer knowing that I have that power in my hand,” said Aaron Blevins, the only paid deputy at the Martin County Sheriff’s Department.

The sheriff’s department is also getting two remote control versions of the GLOVE.

Niklaus says he heard about the financial troubles the Martin County Sheriff’s Department was having and wanted to donate the gloves to help out.


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