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Meetings Between Us and Them, with Info to Share and Questions to Answer

Release time:2019/05/31 News View count:825

On 24th May 2019,our company invited the Jeffery Nicklaus and Jeffery Jones to visit our factory and give us some suggestions of our product. It is very honor to meet them in this time, so we could have a good opportunity discuss with each other. During this meeting , we all have a goal that we will devote ourselves into our career and improve our product. Beside, We believe that our dedication will take us far and our company will become more biggest in the future.

Even our company just officially cooperate with Compliant Technologies for 6 months, that is enough for us to make a thing. It is going well while we are cooperating. During the meeting, CT company CEO Jeffery said that our glove is popular in the local law enforcement department. It is the most effective tools without danger or injury or harm as well as the least amount of aftercare for the inmate. They also gave us a lot of suggestions and ideas on how to improve our products.  Jones point out that our product have a bright market in USA, especially in the law enforcement, that’s make us more confident in entering the American Market.


Last but not least, We understand that each project and customer is unique and we would be pleased to work with you to incorporate your needs into our solution. Please speak with your Senxunda representative for a tailored offering.


Intro: Jeff Niklaus, the founder of Compliant Technologies, comes from a long military heritage with family serving all the way back to the Revolutionary War. 

          Jeffery Jones, he is an instructor with more than 20 years of police experience in the Compliant Technologies company.

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