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  • Jammer system

    Technology Parameters 1. Jamming Mode: All digital DDS interference 2. Effective distance is greater than 1.5km 3. Th...

  • UAV-D2600

    Model: D2600 Spread of axles: 2600mm Machine weight(including battery): 40 KG (8*16000mah batteries) Maximum take off...

  • E-glove (B4)

    1. Product Introduction Wearing the e-glove, shaking hands or catching the wrist of suspect to make him lose defiance...

  • Anti-Attack Cloth (Long sleeve)

      1. Product Description Anti attack clothes are non-lethal defense equipment. Open anti-attack function when fa...

  • Intelligent traffic glove-SXD-FG

    Intelligent traffic glove-SXD-FG

    Release time:2018/05/29View count:2047

    Features: According to the smart light command gestures, whether it is night, haze, cloudy, snow, wear smart traffic command gloves can easily command, according to the different seasons can choose...

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